Evening Star Ranch Mares

Diederika S

DJ is enjoying retirement

Stable Name: DJ                  


DOB: 2001         


Height: 16H


Sire: Lyckle B         


Dam: Hester Fan Bokkum

Received 3E Premie at 2006 Keuring and

Stud Book status 2009.

Produces beautiful foals with great conformation and height.

Produced one lovely foal by Kenlock Indian Sky.

Registered with AFHS




Deirdre of Shepherds Hill


Stable Name: Tiana                     


DOB: August 2009     


Height: 15.1H


Sire: Tao of Shepherds Hill        


Dam: Monica of Shepherds Hill

Received 3E Premie at 2011 Keuring

Produced two lovely foals by Kenlock Indian Sky and 

a lovely filly by Kenlock Superman.

Registered with AFHS




Tatiana NS

Stable Name: Tat               

DOB: 26th of May 2014 


Height: 15.1H


Sire: Azriel FS       


Dam: Vianna Hester

Grand Sire: Harmen 424

Friesian Supreme Champion -

2017 Friesian Warmblood Horse of the Year.

Registered with AFHS



 Aurora Sky


Stable Name: Aurora              

DOB: 19th of September 2014


Height: 15.2hh 


Sire: Kenlock Indian Sky       


Dam: Diedre Shepherds Hill

Registered with FSA, ACE &  AFHS 




Belcam Giorgi

Giorgi is enjoying retirement 

Stable Name:  Giorgi             

DOB: 1998


Height: 16.1hh


Sire: Belcam Glasgow    


Dam: Tallyho Crystal

Registered with ACE 




Holmwood Crystal 


Stable Name:  Crystal            

DOB: 2008 


Height: 16hh


Sire: Champion FP   


Dam: Cruisalong

Registered with ACE



Bradgate Park Brentina 

Stable Name:  Tina            

DOB: 2009 


Height: 16.3hh

Sire: Brentano II   


Dam: Bradgate Park Diva Di Piesca 

Registered with ACE



Arabella ES


Stable Name:  Bella            

DOB: 14th of September 2016 


Height: 15.2hh currently

Sire:   Azriel FS


Dam: Diederika S 


Registered with AFHS